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BLK Sport Officially Selected as the Official Uniform Provider of the US Premiership.

10-23-2018 - 4:03 PM EDT

For Immediate Release:

The US Premiership is very Proud to Announce they have reached a 3 year sponsorship deal with one of the Highest quality Uniform Providers Globally . US Premiership President has indicated "As one of the fastest Growing Soccer Leagues in North America we selected BLK for our TEAMS.  So they can have the professionalism, we are looking for when it comes to Uniform Designs. All US Premiership teams will be wearing the BLK Professional Uniforms by 2020 US Premiership Playing Season.  BLK is an International Organization headquartered in Australia with operations all over Europe. Their top quality products include kits for Professional Rugby, Professional Soccer, Tennis as well as a full line of sporting apparel for other sports. For more information about BLK Sport - please visit:   blksport.co.uk or blksport.com

  BLK Story

BLK is more than a name, BLK is an attitude driven by a deliberate and defining insight – that nothing ever comes from the known, that real innovation, real design and real improvements in performance is only ever achieved by operating outside the boundaries of everything that has gone before.

BLK offers cutting edge apparel creatively designed and which reflects a genuine understanding and respect of each association’s heritage and goals.
For more information, about Uniforms for your team or BLK / US Premiership partnership. Please email us at info@uspremiership.net

The league will use and provide the latest technologies available to help create greater awareness of soccer and create a greater opportunity for players and soccer organizations to succeed and embrace soccer in THE US.

Teams looking to join the US Premiership, please email info@uspremiership.net

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