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The US Premiership is a National Soccer League with a purpose to empower and promote the SPORT of Soccer for Organizations and Top Talent to Reach the TOP.  The leagues vision is to promote soccer in a very competitive and marketable method to create greater awareness of soccer and talented athletes to communities across America and Growth of the Sport. 

The league will use and provide a national platform, as well as latest technologies and marketing
available to help teams grow.

We provide Top Level Soccer for Teams and Fans across the US.  Our league is also geared toward providing a TOP Level Entertainment Experience for all included soccer Enthusiasts across the US. 

As a Soccer Enthusiast, we welcome you to find your local TOP Ranked Soccer Team to Enjoy!  Our leagues structure is built on a National Scale with each team playing State Regionals. The Championship team of their region then advances to their State Championship. State Champion then Competes on a National Regional Level to then Advance to the National Champion of the US Premiership.

Our League also focuses on providing the highest available Technology and Marketing for our teams to be able to grow to the Highest Level of Soccer.  For more information, please email us at info@uspremiership.net.


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