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Each region in the US has a Premiership Commissioner. To contact the Commissioner for your region, please contact info@uspremiership.net
  Mr. Rosario Lopez, Commissioner of         Arizona’s U.S. Premiership has been in the soccer and Futsal world since  he was seven years old, eventually being scouted at age seventeen to the U.S. Soccer D3 United States Intercontinental Soccer League USISL where  he played for several years with the Arizona Cotton. Lopez decided to end his professional career at age twenty-six to pursue ambitions in law         enforcement where he is stilled employed after twenty-five plus years.         Lopez is the founder and President of Major League Futsal USA and the         North American Futsal Federation, and sits as the Vice President of the         oldest futsal governing body in the world and plans to bring this         beautiful game to the U.S. Premiership. 
  Arizona - Commissioner

  President and owner of IFK Maryland. Chris         Saul has had professional stints with Pro teams in Sweden. Has very         close ties with professional teams in Sweden where he transfers and         signs players there. He also serves as the leagues scouting and event         coordinator - For special league events. 
  Maryland - Commissioner

  President of the US Premiership and One of         the Top Leading goal scorers for many south Florida Leagues and with         over 40years experience in the soccer Realm. Jimmy Camacho has         experience training with professional teams as well as vast Business         Ventures.
  Florida - Commissioner

  Bob Kashou owns the Greater Binghamton         Sports Complex in Binghamton New York. An avid business enthusiast and         business professional. Coordinating the Premiership Structure in New         York and Pensylvania. 
  New York - Commissioner

  Sergio Mirand has over 50years in soccer         since he was a young boy. Orinating from Mexico. Sergio has also managed         several soccer leagues in California for the past 25 years. 
  California - Commissioner

  Giovanni Cruz is owner of the Utah         Murcielagos and serves as Utahs Commissioner. Giovanni has over 45 years         in soccer, playing as youth to owning his own team.
  Utah - Commissioner


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