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As we develop as a club and our players become high school aged, we will be posting guidance on college soccer on this page. Click on the articles on the left and read on for information.

The college soccer recruiting process can be daunting. There are over 1000 schools in the US within the NCAA and NAIA that have soccer programs. NCAA colleges are divided into three divisions. NCAA Division I & II schools typically offer academic and athletic scholarships. NCAA Division III schools do not offer athletic scholarships, but they do offer academic scholarships.

The best advice from college counselors is for the prospective student to target at least eight schools. Blasting out emails to every school is counter-productive. Players should target at least two schools that they know they will be able to attend so they have a fall back plan. The player should target two schools that are “stretch goals” meaning that the student will need to improve their grades and athletic performance to be admitted. Finally the player should target at least four schools that are in the middle.

There are several discriminators to narrow down the field of schools from 1000 to about a dozen. Consider these:
- Cost and available financial aid
- Entry requirements (GPA/SAT/ACT)
- Major and Minor Degrees offered
- Climate
- Urban or Suburban
- School Size
- NCAA Division I, II, III or NAIA
- Cultural considerations (religious, etc)
- Distance from home
- Style of teaching (small classes, lecture halls, etc)

Beginning at U16 players should send letters and player profiles to college coaches. Investigate the college coaches who are attending your team’s tournaments and send them a letter and profile one week before the tournament.

You can start contacting coaches as early as your High School Sophomore year, however there are NCAA and NAIA restrictions on coach - player interactions. Typically coaches will focus on recruiting High School Juniors and Seniors, but they will take a look at Sophomores.

Finally, if you know which school you want to attend, ask about their camps and clinics and enroll in their camps. NCAA rules allow players to attend college soccer camps and clinics, which enables interaction between the player and schools coaching staff.

Find out more about the college process by reading the materials posted online at

NCAA Rules and Regulations

College athletics are governed by the National College Athletic Association (NCAA). Whether planning on attending a Division I, Division II, or Division III college, it is very important to understand the rules and regulations set by the NCAA.  The NCAA Web site contains vast information for the prospective college student-athlete pertaining to the recruiting process and the academic and eligibility requirements for players planning to play soccer at the collegiate level.

Prospective athletes must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. You can register with the Center anytime during your high school career, but it is recommended you do so at least during your sophomore year. There is information on the NCAA Eligibility Center site pertaining to the core courses required in order be cleared through the center. It is also important to ensure that your school has submitted updates to their core course offerings so you receive credit for the classes you are taking. 

Additional NCAA Information
The College Bound Student-Athlete: A must read for all prospective student-athletes prior to the recruiting process. The guide will  details academic-eligibility requirements, financial aid, amateur eligibility and many other vital topics.

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